Rubrique juridique en relation avec l'IndeUn escroc utilisant le numéro de l'ambassade (spoofing) sévit actuellement en se faisant passer pour les services consulaires, sous différents noms dont John Smith, dans le but de se faire envoyer de l'argent sous de faux prétextes. Soyez vigilants et n'acceptez en aucun cas la moindre demande de paiement pour quel que motif que ce soit !...

Message sur le site de l'ambassade de l'Inde

 email de Dhiraj Mukhia (Premier secrétaire de l'ambassade de l'Inde)

Many people including students have been receiving hoax calls from people identifying themselves as a staff of Indian Embassy, Paris and informing them about their visa/immigration problems and they are also able to display Embassy number on the caller ID to make the call authentic. Later, they ask the concerned person to transfer the money through Western Union and other channels in order to avoid further problems.

It is hereby informed that the Embassy never asks for transfer of money and this method of duping people is going on for some time now. We have posted an Advisory in our website long back in this regard and therefore it is requested to spread this information among your members, friends and other members of the community.